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48"*96" Snow White PVC Foam Sheet for Construction Formwork

2440 x 1220 x 18 mm, Snow White PVC Foam Sheet for Construction Formwork

PVC Sheet Production Description:

PVC Free Foam Sheet is a chemically foamed, rigid, light weight sheet with fine closed cell structure having a smooth matte surface finish on both sides.

They conduct very little heat and thus provide excellent insulation. Expanded PVC is suitable for printing, painting and lacquering and can be easily process by wood working tools. Due to their weathering resistance, foam PVC sheets can be used for outdoor applications. They are particularly suitable for the advertising industry-for signs, displays and exhibition stands.

The Lead / Cadmium Free PVC Foam Sheet is ideal choice for Advertising Signs, Screen printing, indoor and outdoor decoration ,Furniture, kitchen,bathroom cabinet, partitions, wall cladding, swimming pool floor planking, Interior scale board for boat & ship, vehicle, train

Ourgreen Brief Introduction:

Guangzhou Chengyang Building Materials Co., Ltd is a member of China Plastics Processing Industry Association. Ourgreen covers an area of 20,000M2, consisting of PVC Foam Sheet Factory, XPS Foam Board Factory, Manufacturing Center of XPS Production Line, Warehouse, Research & Design Building.

Technology, Innovation, System Integration are our managing philosophy. We imprint these ideas to each and every step of our product manufacturing. High Efficiency, Reliability and Sustainability are our pursuits, by which we offer you a one-stop PVC Foam Sheet Solution.

We cherish our limited resources, we cherish our unique earth community! Together we build our green world!

Technical Data of Ourgreen PVC Sheet:

Product Description:

color white,black,pink,orange,yellow,green,other colors to be customized
size 2440x1220mm,1830x915mm
appearance Glossy or matte


10mm:90 sheets/pallet;

12mm:75 sheets/pallet;

20mm:45 sheets/pallet;

25mm:36 sheets/pallet.


1.General Advertising Board / Decoration / Building Formwork / Cabinets / Furniture

2.Decoration Panel in Hotels / Office Buildings / Lobbies / Shops and Restaurants

3.Feature Walls

4.Place where High Sanitary and Easy Maintenance is Required including Factories, Schools, Child Care Centers, Hospitals and Public Areas.

5.Damp Areas Including Bathrooms,Laundry Rooms, Basements and Toilets

6.Transportation Steamboat, Airplane, Bus,Train Carriage, Roof and Carriage inner layer


1. Light Weight
2. It could be drilled, sawed, nailed, turned, glued, bended, printed.
3. Uniform & Closed Cell Structure
4. Hygienic, Rigidity, Durable
5. Perfect Chemical Corrosion Resistance, Good Resistance to UV & Weathering
6. Fire Retardant and Self-extinguishing
7. Moisture-resistant, Mildew proof, Rot proof, Low Water Absorption
8. Non-Deformation, Color Fastness for a very long time
9. Sound Insulation, Sound Absorption, Heat Insulation and Heat Preservation
10. Easy to be Laminated with Other Materials.
11. Smooth Surface and Suitable for Screen Printing, Laser Engraving


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